Saturday, February 28, 2015


Yes,finally! that's what I'm thinking to myself while I jot down these words. My blog has been live since 2012 but I haven't posted anything on it ever-since (yeah I know, lazy me) The idea behind creating this blog was to share my recipes with everyone at one place where it would be easily accessible for all, although the constant inquiring and awaiting hasn't been able to persuade me to start posting until today.
I am an occasional cook but love baking. Been in to it since I was a little girl. I remember sitting on the counter-top and watching my mom cook while I closely observed her every little move, though she has never been a passionate or ardent cook; she has mostly done it as a chore, but not an unpleasant one, all her life. That's my first memory of the beginning of my lifelong romance with cooking. my study commitments however didn't allow me to express my love for it much but I had been showing my passion for it off and on :)
The knack of cooking though, I've got from my late Dadi Ma Jee (paternal grandmother) who was an excellent cook. Its her 11th death anniversary tomorrow, and my first recipe post will be dedicated to her. That I shall post tomorrow as well.
My mantra has always been to create something new; different and unique. I've learnt through various sources, will mention about them with all of my posts always.
As you embark with me on this journey of cooking, recipes and experiences, I  hope that we all get to learn a lot from each other. There is always room for improvement so, try out my recipes and share your experiences here, I'll look forward to hearing the positive feedback :)
So here we go, Lets get unleashed! :D