Thursday, September 3, 2015

2 Min. Fudgy Mug Brownie

Now-a-days, everyone is in a hurry and want to do everything in a jiffy. Not many of us have time and most importantly, patience to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare our favorite meals esp. desserts. For that reason, many smart people out there have created shortcut recipes to make the favorite desserts for those times specially, when you're craving for something sweet and neither have time nor the patience to make and later to wait long to have it. I'm one of those impatient people too, who would crave for a dessert at an odd hour and have to have it at that very moment too hence, the recipe of this 2 Min. Fudgy Brownie came upon me during one of those bad craving moments. 
I was working late at night and at around midnight, I had a sudden urge to get up and make a quick brownie in the microwave and satisfy that stubborn craving that wasn't leaving me at peace for a couple of days. Now, you'd find thousands of mug cake recipes on the internet easily and that's something which almost everyone has tried making at least once by now. I've read and watched and even tried a lot of mug cake recipes but I didn't want any of that spongy, leathery stuff that goes hard upon cooling down a bit (based on personal experience) Plus, for not being an egg fan, I didn't want it in mine as adding one whole egg into a single serving of cake is something that's not a comfortable idea for me besides, I wanted a hot, ooey-gooey, fudgy brownie and was not finding what I was looking for. I looked at some ideas on Pinterest but almost all of the Pins I came across were of the recipes that either added Nutella or peanut butter or banana in them. I didn't want any of those ingredients in mine so the quest was getting tougher and I was getting more eager to whip up something of my own. 

I then checked my pantry and took out the simplest ingredients needed to create my quick-dream-brownie. Mixed Cocoa power, plain flour, brown sugar, white sugar, a pinch of salt and bi-carb of soda and then added just 3 wet ingredients; water, oil and a drop of orange essence (because I wanted a hint of orange flavor in it) to this dry mix. Mixed until everything was just well combined, microwaved it for 2 minutes and Ta Da! A delicious looking and divine tasting brownie was ready for me to savor! I made the brownie batter in a bowl and let it bake in the same bowl and once it was ready, just sprinkled some desiccated coconut on top and indulged myself into the goodness of this wonder I created just under 5 minutes! 

I have made it a number of times ever since and have topped it with different toppings such as my homemade orange marmalade, banana slices, icing sugar, chocolate sprinkles and again with the desiccated coconut. The first fudgy brownie I made was enough for two people that I shared with my sister cause no matter how greedy I could be, I still feel guilty and stopped myself from eating that sinful dessert all by myself therefore, I halved the recipe for the single serving later. I have even tripled the original recipe for my whole family yesterday and both my Mom and Dad really loved it! My Dad is really picky about his food choices so if he liked it, I can vouch for its deliciousness with full confidence ;) One of my sisters ate this brownie cold and was singing its praises for long! So folks, I'm sharing with you the secret to making a wonderful brownie in no time not just for yourself, but serve it to your guests too with some ice-cream and get ready for future requests ;)

Let's get some brownie making Unleashed quickly! Shall we? :D

2 Min. Fudgy Brownie in a Mug


All-Purpose Flour: 4 tbsp.
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder: 2 tbsp.
Brown Sugar: 2 tbsp.
Granulated White Sugar: 2 tbsp.
Baking Soda: a pinch
Salt: a pinch
Oil: 2 tbsp
Water: 4 tbsp
Orange Essence: a drop (can use Vanilla instead)
Desiccated Coconut, Icing Sugar, Chocolate Sprinkles, Orange Marmalade, Bananas: For garnishing.
Vanilla Ice Cream: 1 scoop (to serve with)


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in one coffee mug and set aside.
  2. Add oil, water and essence to the dry ingredients and mix everything together.
  3. Microwave for 2 minutes. The time can vary depending on the power of your microwave but start with 1 minute and increase the time if its not cooked in 2 minutes.
  4. Take out and garnish with the topping of your choice and serve. 
  5. Can be served hot with vanilla ice-cream or let cool completely if you want to eat it cold.
Makes 1 serving

That's all desserlovers!:) Baking time can always be adjusted according to the 
power of your ovens. I hope you enjoy making and eating it. Until next time, keep sharing the goodness of this greatest blessing, that has been bestowed in abundance upon us the lucky ones, with the less fortunate ones.
Thank you and please remember in your Du'as/prayers! :)

*Not be duplicated, rewritten or published without permission- Thank you! 


  1. Quick and easy dessert, can anybody say no:-)

  2. What a great recipe! I love that you use orange essence .. I think that would give it such a rich back note .. excellent recipe!

    1. Yes, it really enhances the flavors and I love the combination of chocolate and orange :)
      Thanks so much for liking the recipe! :)

  3. Love the use of orange with the chocolate, both in the flavoring and the marmalade topping. I haven't tried a microwave cake in a cup yet, but yours seems very simple.

    1. Yes, that's my favorite combination of flavors! You should try making this brownie then; I'm sure you'd like it :)
      Thanks so much for liking!

  4. What creative lengths our food cravings can take us to, this post is the finest example of this. Was reading each line intrigued from the seed of desire for gooey soft brownie till the awesome outcome. I appreciate every bit that you undertook till reaching the final recipe. With simple ingredients and a lovely orange essence you gave created your very own insanely delicious brownie. I am still drooling over it.

    1. This is the best comment I've received so far! Thanks so much for such a lovely description of my recipe and I'm really glad that you enjoyed the post and read it with interest!
      Much appreciated! :)